What is an ASH Assistant?

ASH Assistants are an elite group of dancers invited to tour with, assist, and be mentored by Artists Simply Human’s esteemed faculty of world renown choreographers for one full season. During the tour season that ASH Assistants are on full scholarship, they will learn routines specifically choreographed for them by the ASH faculty that they will perform in both the Welcome Show and Closing Show in every city. Additionally, they gain an inside perspective of the dance industry and what it takes to become a professional. Becoming an ASH Assistant is a life changing experience, and is the highest scholarship presented by Artists Simply Human.

How Do I Become An ASH Assistant?

To become an ASH Assistant, you must first be named an ASH Apprentice or ASH Apprentice Runner Up during the Regional Tour, and then audition at Artists Simply Human’s Nationals. At Nationals, the ASH Assistant audition consists of ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and improv.

This is the culmination of the ASH Apprentice/ASH Apprentice Runner Up Scholarship program. There is no scoring or weighted scoring of any kind. This is also an “Add- On” to your convention registration and is to audition to become an ASH Assistant for the 2023-2024 Season. All auditioners are referred to as “ASH Assistant Auditioners” and, at registration, are given a special colored label on which their scholarship number is printed in order to signal to all Faculty that they are auditioning to become an ASH Assistant. There are 3 parts of the ASH Assistant Audition:

  • ASH Assistant Audition Solo: A prepared solo must be registered for the Open Competition.
  • Live Audition: This is a closed audition and will be run by ASH’s Director and Faculty in Attendance.


To be eligible to register for the ASH Assistant Audition at Nationals, you must have received an ASH Apprentice or ASH Apprentice Runner Up Scholarship at a 22/23 Regional event.

Dancers MUST audition in the age group in which they received their ASH Apprentice or ASH Apprentice Runner Up Scholarship.

Dancers must be able to attend the ASH Assistant Audition, convention classes, closing number rehearsals and the Gala to participate.


ASH Assistant Auditioners are required to register a solo (already choreographed) in the Open Competition. This will be performed on the ASH stage as part of the Open Competition. The Open Competition is open for teachers, dancers and parents to watch (No wristband needed) and is broadcast live at www.ASHWebcast.com.

Next, will be the Live Audition process. Dancers will learn combinations from the ASH Faculty. Once they learn all combinations, they will audition in front of the ASH Faculty. (Bring clothes and shoes for ALL styles!). This audition is closed. No teachers or parents will be allowed in the room for any reason.

Finally, all 22/23 ASH Assistants will be announced at the Gala on the final night of Nationals!

For more information on how to become an ASH Assistant and Commitments, please click HERE.

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