CJ Salvador


CJ had a love of dance from a very young age, and began his dance training at age ten, studying tap in Libertyville, Illinois under the tutelage of Mark Yonally. His idol at the time was Michael Jackson, and his dream was to one day be in a boy band. In addition to studying tap and later adding hip hop, CJ had an extreme love of sports, and pursued boxing for several years. He was born and raised in Chicago, but has since traveled the world while touring with Selena Gomez, in addition to dancing with Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara and Jason Durelo. He now resides in Los Angeles and has become a tour de force in the dance world. CJ has taught at the world renown Millennium Dance Complex and Movement Lifestyle in LA. Most recently, he was Justin Beiber’s lead dancer on the Purpose World Tour, touring to over 20 countries worldwide.