Studio Of The Year



In order to be eligible for the Studio Of The Year, studios must participate in the Open Competition by registering at least:

10 Solos or Duets/Trios

5 Small (4-9 Dancers) or Large (10-24 Dancers) Group Routines

1 Production (25+ Dancers) Routine


All eligible studios will perform all required routines in the Open Competition. Studios may enter more routines than the minimum number required above, however, only the top scoring 10 Solos or Duets/Trios, 5 Small or Large Groups, and 1 Production will be counted towards the overall score. The combined scores of the required routines will determine the top studios to move on to the Semi-Final Round.


The Semi-Final Round will begin with a convention element where the ASH Faculty will select 9 dancers (3 from each age division) from each studio to participate in a live audition led by the ASH Faculty which will be open for viewing to all ASH Nationals Attendees. All selected dancers will learn a combination live onstage and then perform the combination in smaller groups in order to be evaluated by ASH’s Faculty and Guest Judges. Then each studio will re-perform the top scoring 2 Solos or Duets/Trios, 2 Small or Large Groups, and 1 Production to be scored again.


During the Gala on June 30th, each studio that reached the Semi-Final Round will re-perform their Production Routine. This performance will not be scored. The Studio of the Year will then be announced before the closing number of the Gala.

Scoring Breakdown
Open Competition Routines (Avg.)
Live Audition
Grand Prize