Season X Attendance Guidelines

Due to social distancing guidelines, we can only allow a limited number of dancers in each level at upcoming events. We encourage registering as early as possible and keeping in tight communication with the ASH office as your plans come together. Amanda Sayles, our Client Relations Manager, is available to communicate with studio owners and staff to answer any safety questions and help you with your registration so that we can work together to reimagine the landscape of our new industry. Being in communication with you allows us to bring you the most organized and transformative experience possible at ASH while keeping your safety and health at the top of our priorities. You can schedule time with Amanda by emailing her directly at

We know how difficult it is for our studio partners to plan for the future with all the uncertainty in our industry and in our country. ASH will be holding all of our events. And here’s how we are going to do it!


Convention Fees



  • Dancers may either register with a studio or as an independent dancer. When registering, type “Independent” when asked to provide a studio name.
  • Levels(Ages) are as of January 1st, 2021.
  • Studio Owners/Directors may place their dancers in the level they feel is appropriate to their student’s skill level, even if it is different than their age. However, dancers MUST participate in the Scholarship Audition based on their age as of January 1st, 2021. Dancers ages 22 and up are not eligible to audition for scholarships.
  • All group registrations must be accompanied by a registered teacher.
  • Attendees are not required to participate in the Performance Showcase, however, if you choose to participate in the Performance Showcase you must be registered for the full convention (Or Option 2 – Hybrid).
  • Each dancer is allowed one level change per event (if space permits) which must occur by the end of the 2nd class on the first full day of convention classes. Visit Registration or Merchandise to exchange your wristband.
  • We suggest registering as soon as possible due to limited space and social distancing restrictions. Once capacity is reached, registrations will no longer be accepted.
  • Wristbands must be worn during all classes and cannot be transferred.
  • Virtual Observers may NOT be studio owners, teachers, or dancers and are only eligible to register with participating dancers. Virtual Observers are not permitted to observe Teacher Classes or Scholarship Auditions.
  • It is strongly urged that you make your hotel reservations well in advance to avoid a sell-out. Please visit the city page of the event you are attending where you will find all hotel information. If calling the hotel, please be sure to mention ASH Productions when you make your reservations to receive the discounted room rate.
  • Photography and Videography at ASH Productions events are STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Photos and Videos will be available for purchase at


    ASH accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, checks or money orders. Checks or money orders must be postmarked before the Early Bird Discount Deadline in order to secure the Early Bird rate. If a check is returned, you will be assessed a $30.00 fee. Only cash and credit cards are accepted when registering at the door or paying a final balance upon check-in at Registration. *All funds must be paid in U.S. currency only. No International, Canadian or Foreign checks will be accepted.


    Refund Policy for 2020/2021 Season

    • If the event is held and a dancer cannot attend because they were diagnosed with COVID-19, you must notify the ASH Office via email at at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event and provide a valid positive test result. Upon receipt of the positive test result, ASH will provide a full refund.
    • If the event is cancelled due to CDC, local, state, or federal government mandates, your registration will automatically be moved to the full virtual option and the remaining balance of your fees will automatically be refunded to you within 14 business days at the conclusion of the event. If you choose not to participate in the full virtual option, you must email at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event and request a full refund which will be provided within 14 business days at the conclusion of the event.
    • Unless ASH is forced to cancel due to CDC, local, state, or federal government mandates, ASH will not provide a refund under any circumstance.
    • If the event is held and a dancer cannot attend due to injury or illness (COVID-19 excluded), you must contact the ASH Office at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event. ASH will issue a credit statement to be used up to one year from the date of issue for convention and/or performance showcase fees provided the dancer submits a doctor’s note within 30 days via email to

    Discounts & Promotions



    • Hotel Rooms will only be reimbursed by filling out the Hotel Room Discount Form.
    • All offers exclude any student on scholarship, one-day dancers, multi-city discount, or need-based scholarship.
    • Hotel Room nights will only be reimbursed at the group rate listed on the website. Upgrades or rates above the room block rate will not be honored.
    • Rooms booked at other hotels or rooms reserved outside of the ASH room block are not eligible.
    • ASH Productions cannot guarantee that the room block will not be sold out at the time of booking. It is the responsibility of the Studio Owner or Teacher to reserve room(s) at the host hotel under the ASH room block. ASH does not accept any responsibility to reserve or hold hotel rooms.
    • Hotel Rooms must be reserved prior to the cut-off date on each tour city page.
    • Hotel Room nights will be reimbursed via check once a receipt from the host hotel is submitted via email to within 30 days at the conclusion of the event.
    • All discount reimbursement checks will be sent within 30 days of the date on which the host hotel receipt is received by ASH Productions, made payable to the studio, and sent only to the name and address provided in the online registration account.



    All dancers and teachers attending more than one ASH regional city in the 2019-2020 season will receive a 50% discount on tuition for each additional city.

    *Multi-City Discounts do not apply when using a scholarship.



    The College Student discount is intended for students 19 years of age and older who are fully enrolled exclusively in college. We do not accept dual enrolled students currently in grades 12 and under. They must register as “Independent”, therefore are only able to register solo routines and no groups, and must present a campus ID at registration for verification.



    ASH Productions offers two need based scholarships per tour city. To receive a need based scholarship, submit a one page essay explaining why you feel a weekend at ASH would benefit you and your future in dance. Please include two references with contact information. Email your submission to:

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    1/4/21 COVID-19 Event Updates, Safety and Registration Guidelines

    We are watching the governmental guidance and restrictions closely and will provide an update here and on each event on it's own page when we have confirmed information. Here are the events we are watching especially closely:

    Burbank, CA
    Santa Clara, CA

    Season X - Safety,Registration, and Refund Guidelines

    Artists Simply Human (ASH), in full cooperation with its venue partners is working diligently to develop and implement safety procedures and protocols to help promote a safe environment during all of our events. These practices may not reflect all that ASH is doing to ensure the safety and health of all participants. We will continue to modify these protocols based on advisories from local and federal authorities. We believe that these protocols, and working together to implement them, can ensure a safe event and the ability to dance together again.

    For a printable version of the Safety Guidelines, CLICK HERE. For a printable version of the Registration and Refund Guidelines, CLICK HERE

    Masks Required in Common Areas and All Classrooms

    We require attendees to wear masks in the common areas and in all classrooms. ASH staff, crew, and faculty are also required to wear masks. Masks will also be available for purchase.

    Distancing in Convention Classes/Auditions

    ASH has increased the amount of contracted ballroom/class space with our venues and is limiting capacity to allow for more social distancing. While our faculty loves you, we all have to go with “air hugs” and “air high fives” to keep each other safe!

    Virtual Class Option

    Please see the Registration Guidelines at If dancers would prefer not to take classes in the ballrooms, the classes will be available for livestream, to take from their hotel room or home (if the event is within driving distance). This will ensure that they can still further their dance education and participate in the performance showcase with their studios. Studios should contact ASH directly when choosing to utilize this option at least 14 days prior to the event.

    Breaking Up the Day

    Class schedules will be modified to create staggered breaks for each convention classroom throughout the day in order to minimize crowds in common areas. This will ensure the least amount of people at any given .me in hallways and at the Merchandise and Registration Booths. If you prefer a contact-less experience, you can visit us online at to order merchandise prior to the event.

    Class Observers/Virtual Observers

    For now, ASH will be limiting observers in all classes to Studio Staff only. We will be offering Virtual Observer Bands. Virtual Observers will be able to purchase and stream the classes via As our internet connectivity varies from venue to venue, we will release what classes are available to livestream in your city’s Welcome Packet at

    ASH Safety Squad

    ASH will designate different members of staff and crew to make sure surfaces are sanitized, masks are being worn, and proper social distancing is taking place. In addition, ASH has purchased air purifying foggers which will be used throughout the day in classrooms, backstage, onstage, common areas, and dressing rooms.

    Taking the Stage/Backstage at ASH

    ASH will be creating block studio scheduling for the Performance Showcase. Congregating backstage is not permitted. Masks must be worn backstage and only removed while dancing. One routine at a time will be permitted backstage. The routine on deck will wait outside of the backstage area, and will enter once the routine onstage has finished and exited the backstage area.

    Dressing/Changing Rooms

    Studios should limit the number of parents assisting with costume changes to the absolute minimum necessary. After each studio completes their routines, ASH staff will properly clean the changing room before the next studio enters.


    Performance Showcase Audience

    ASH will have limited seating available for Studio Staff and immediate parents/guardians. All audience seating will be arranged in coordination with the venue to support best practices for social distancing. We ask that you wear a mask and only sit with members of your studio. In all instances, please remain 6 feet apart and wear your mask.

    Watch Performance Showcase on ASH’s Livestream

    Since seating will be set up according to social distancing guidelines and limited to Studio staff and immediate parents/guardians, ASH will livestream the performance showcase at The video wall located in the lobby will also be broadcasting the Performance Showcase. Friends and family can watch from home, and attendees will be able to watch from anywhere at the venue!

    One-Way Only

    Whenever possible, all entrances and exits will be separate and one-way only. All Entrances and exits will be clearly labeled, respectively. No one may enter through the exit and vice versa.


    Welcome Show, Closing Show, Collaboration Class, Q&A Session, and Awards

    The Welcome and Closing Shows are being re-imagined using all ballroom space, digital media, and featuring Company, Assistant and Faculty performances. Whenever possible, ASH will create more award sessions to minimize crowd sizes. All Scholarships will be announced in the Closing Show and presented to the recipients by a gloved and masked ASH Assistant. One studio representative will be designated to pickup all awards. Collaboration Class and Q&A Session are suspended for the time being.

    Distancing in Common Areas

    All attendees should observe social distancing requirements in the common areas outside of the ballroom. When in line for registration or when purchasing merchandise, please stand 6 feet apart, and have your mask on.


    Elimination of Photo/Video Booth

    ASH will eliminate our Photo/Video Booth. All Photos and Videos are available to view and purchase at


    Elimination of Cash and Coins

    ASH will eliminate all cash and coin transactions. Only credit cards and contactless payment such as Apple Pay or Google Pay will be allowed. As always, Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders will be allowed for Registration payments if pre-arranged with the ASH Office prior to the event.


    Elimination of Water Stations

    ASH will eliminate the traditional water stations in the ballrooms. Dancers should bring multiple water bottles to class in their bags to stay hydrated!


    Hand Sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer will be available outside every class/ballroom, backstage, dressing rooms, and at the MERCH counter. Everyone must use the hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting. At MERCH, we ask that you use the sanitizer prior to beginning any shopping/transaction and at the completion of your transaction. At the REGISTRATION BOOTH, we ask that you use the hand sanitizer provided before and after you check-in.

    Hand Washing

    All attendees should wash their hands multiple times throughout the day. The CDC recommends this as one of the best practices to avoid transmission of the virus. Staff, Faculty, and Crew will be required to wash their hands consistently throughout the day.


    Safety Training

    All ASH Staff, Crew, and Faculty will receive vigorous safety training to ensure that all CDC methods of sanitizing and general cleanliness are employed to keep themselves and clients from being at risk.


    Temperature Checks

    All ASH Staff, Crew, and Faculty will receive touch-less temperature checks each day. Hotel partners are also following this same process with their employees. Any Staff, Crew, or Faculty with a temperature higher than 99.9 will not be permitted to work the event. We recommend studio owners and staff check temperatures of dancers and staff each morning.

    Venue Cleanliness

    The hotel venues have increased sanitization of all surfaces, handrails, elevators, door handles, etc. and will be cleaning and sanitizing regularly throughout or during our entire event.