I am trying to login and make a payment, where do I click to get to the payment screen?

If you have already “Submitted” your registration, click “Additional Payments”. If you have NOT “Submitted” your registration, continue registering and payments are available at the end of the registration process.

When will the event and showcase schedule be released?

All Event Schedules, Performance Showcase Schedules, and Welcome Packets will be released ONE WEEK PRIOR to the event. No information will be available prior to the release of that information. Please do not contact ASH about scheduling information until after ONE WEEK before the event has passed.

How many solos can I register and perform?

Dancers may register up to 3 solos.

Will critiques be sent to me or the studio?

Critiques will be uploaded to your online Studio or Independent registration account by Thursday after the event.

How do I apply the scholarship I received?

If a scholarship has been entered into your account, the “Add Scholarship” button will appear. If you have any questions about the scholarship or award voucher you received, visit the city page of the event you are attending to view the results from the previous season.

How do I apply the Performance Showcase Award Voucher I received?

In all instances where you wish to apply any of your vouchers, credits or awards, please email info@ashproductions.com prior to making ANY payment so that we can ensure your registration and the application of your credits and vouchers is correct.

How do I upload music for my routine(s)?

The green “Media Manager” button.

If I am not present for the Closing Show or Awards, where will my awards and scholarships be mailed?

ASH does not mail Scholarships and Showcase Awards. You must be present at the event to pick up the scholarship or award. Reminder, ASH keeps records of all scholarships and awards so you do not need the physical scholarship or award to register.

How do I fill out the waiver?

All attendees, including dancers, teachers, and observers must fill out a waiver. Visit www.ASHWaiver.com

Can I change the time my routine performs?

In select cities Performance Showcase may be held on Thursday afternoons, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Scheduling requests cannot be accommodated except in extreme circumstances. Email the ASH Office with questions about Performance Showcase scheduling at least 14 days prior. After the schedule is released one week prior, you must email the ASH office with any scheduling issues within 24 hours. Any scheduling requests received after that time must be handled on-site at the event.

Can I register without my studio under my studio name or as an independent?

ASH accepts Studio and Independent registrations. It is up to your contract with your studio as to how you are allowed to register.

Can I exchange or return the merchandise I purchased?

Due to the nature of touring the country each weekend, ASH cannot exchange or refund any merchandise either purchased at the event or online.

If I change studios, how can I register with my scholarship?

Scholarships received when a dancer is registered with a studio are not valid when registering as an independent or with another studio without written consent from the original studio director.

If I change studios, how can I register with my Performance Showcase Award Voucher?

Awards received when a dancer is registered with a studio are not valid when registering as an independent or with another studio.

How can I book “ASH on the GO!”

Please email amanda@ashproductions.com to book our in-studio ASH On The Go! programs.

Are there any studio incentives for bringing my entire team to a regional tour city and Nationals in the same season?

Of course! We love it when studios take full advantage of all that ASH has to offer at both a regional tour city as well as at Nationals! Contact amanda@ashproductions.com to discuss what incentives may be available!

Can I preorder photos and videos?

At this time, only studios are eligible to pre-order full studio routine packages of 20 routines or more. Contact info@ashproductions.com for special pricing!

Can I preorder merchandise?

Yes! Individual orders can be placed at the ASH Merchandise Store and are not guaranteed to arrive prior to the event you are attending. All studio bulk orders can be made by contacting info@ashproductions.com. Studio bulk orders will receive free shipping, discounts, and are guaranteed to arrive at your studio prior to the event if your completed order is placed at least 14 days prior to the event.

Can I register for a level that doesn’t match my age?

Your studio owner is the only one who is able to request a level change to a level that may be more suitable to your current skill level. Your studio owner can contact us at info@ashproductions.com to request a level change. Remember, in order to be eligible for scholarships, you may only audition with your age level.

How can I watch the Performance Showcase?

ASH will livestream the Performance Showcase at www.ASHWebcast.com. The video wall located in the lobby will also be broadcasting the Performance Showcase. Friends and family can watch from home, and attendees will be able to watch from anywhere at the venue!

How long is my scholarship valid?

All scholarships received in the 20/21 Season are only eligible for use in the 21/22 Season.

How can I observe my child’s classes?

You may register through your studio just as your child was registered. Observers must fill out the waiver at www.ASHWaiver.com.

How do I register?

Click the “REGISTER” button at the top right side of every page of the ASH website. We suggest registering early to take advantage of the Early Bird Rate. Once we reach maximum capacity, we will no longer accept registrations. You can follow the Registration Instructions step-by-step. Register Now for an upcoming event!

Can I register without a studio?

Dancers may either register with their studio or as an independent dancer. When registering, type “Independent” when asked to provide a studio name.

How old do I need to be to attend?

To register for Artists Simply Human, dancers must be 4-6 years old for the Mini Movers level, 7-11 years old for the Artists in Training level, 12-14 years old for the Intermediate level, and 15+ for Advanced level.

Do you offer Teacher discounts?

Yes we do! Please visit Teacher Discounts for more information.

In what classes can Teachers participate?

Teachers registered for the full convention may take any class offered in addition to Teacher Training Seminars. Teachers must also fill out a waiver at www.ASHWaiver.com

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, checks or money orders. Checks or money orders must be postmarked before the Early Bird Discount Deadline in order to secure the Early Bird rate. If a check is returned, you will be assessed a $30.00 fee. Only cash and credit cards are accepted when registering at the door or paying a final balance upon check-in at Registration. *All funds must be paid in U.S. currency only. No International, Canadian or Foreign checks will be accepted.

Do you offer a refund if I cannot attend?

Unless ASH is forced to cancel due to Acts of God, CDC, local, state, or federal government mandates, ASH will not provide a refund under any circumstance. If the event is held and a dancer cannot attend due to injury or illness, you must contact the ASH Office at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event. ASH will issue a credit statement to be used up to one year from the date of issue for convention and/or performance showcase fees provided the dancer submits a doctor’s note within 30 days via email to info@ashproductions.com.

Can I videotape and take photos at the event?

Photography and Videography at Artists Simply Human are STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Photos and Videos will be available for purchase at www.ASHPhotoVideo.com throughout the event.

What Faculty members are teaching in my city?

A Welcome Packet will be available for all registered attendees one week prior to the event announcing the faculty for your city.

My dancer turns 7, 12, or 15 years old during the event. What level should they be in for the scholarship audition?

Ages for scholarship auditions and Performance Showcases are as of January 1st, 2022

Can I receive a list of the music used in class?

Yes, visit the city page on the ASH website following the event for a list of music used in all classes. You can also find us on Spotify.

What types of classes are offered at ASH?

At Artists Simply Human, dancers will have the opportunity to study Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet, Ballroom, Contemporary Ballet, Modern Jazz & Jazz Funk with the most sought after faculty in the industry. The exact styles offered in each city may vary due to faculty availability.

What are the Mini Movers and Artists In Training levels?

The Mini Movers level is designed as an introduction to the dance convention experience and encompasses dancers ages four to six years old. The Artists in Training level is designed for dancers ages 7-11 years old, who are dancing at the beginner/intermediate level, and are in the early stages of their dance convention training.

I tried to make a reservation at the host hotel but was quoted a much higher price. What should I do?

Once the hotel room block is sold out, you can still book your room but not at the special discounted rate. When possible, ASH will contract an overflow hotel whose info will be posted on the city page of the event you are attending. However, we do not have control over the room rate or the amount of rooms available at that rate. Contacting the host hotel for more information is the best course of action.

If I receive a regional scholarship and am unable to attend, can my scholarship be used for Nationals?

Regional scholarships are only valid for the regional tour cities. Scholarships are not transferable, and cannot be extended. Check the face of your scholarship for the full information or visit the Scholarships page to see the value and rules associated with each scholarship

Since I registered before the Early Bird Discount Deadline, why is my half scholarship $152.50 instead of $132.50?

All Scholarships are based on the regular rate because discounts and scholarships cannot be combined. The ASH Half Scholarship discount is based on the regular convention rate of $305, as discounts cannot be combined.

Do I have to participate in the Performance Showcase?

Attendees are not required to participate in the Performance Showcase, however, if you choose to participate in the Performance Showcase you must be registered for the full convention.

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9/22/21 - COVID-19 Event Updates

We are watching the governmental guidance and restrictions closely.
We will provide an update on each event on it's own tour city page 2 weeks prior to each event once we have all of the current information regarding the COVID protocols required by city, state, and/or federal governments.